Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What do you expect from catgut and horsehair?

As many (!) of you may know, Bbob is a creator of instruments, many of them electronic in nature (you can go check out fluxmonkeydotcom/electronoizedothtm for more info), but he has also made some a bit more instrumental in a somewhat traditional sense, such as the 'cellhole, which was a kind of 'cello built on the body of an old acoustic guitar (a Harmony?).  There was also a metal potlid involved, and a pickup.  The tones tended to be a bit harsh, but some sweet sounds could be coaxed from it.


Anyway, back in the 80s, when Bbob was Luigi and I was thin, we had a duo called the Whistlepigs from Zenar which specialized in old-timey music (Bbob on banjo and me on acoustic guitar).  After one of our gigs, Bbob and this sad-faced young old-timey fiddler of our acquaintance came over to my house to hang out.  The fiddler was, you could say, a tad more serious about his old-timey music.  I loved the stuff, though my playing of it was spastic, but I was also interested in a slew of other musics...So, I put on this record by Polly Bradfield, and the young old-timey fiddler exclaimed "I've been trying to make the 'cellhole sound like a violin, and she's making her violin sound like the 'cellhole!"

Click on the header to hear some Polly Bradfield...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guerilla Toss

Guerilla Toss out of Boston is t'other band we'll be playing with on 01/10/11...this is not a picture of them, though, because I didn't find one:

Why do I have the feeling that we should add a sax and/or a trombone for this gig?  (I wish I still had my trombone...)


One of the bands that we'll be playing with on 01/10/11:

Herculaneum, out of Chicago.

A less sensible image:

Tonguing salutes Beefheart

RIP, Don Van Vliet.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome, Noble Customers

...reads a sign on the desk at the Coventry Library in Cleveland Heights.  First off, I'm bothered that the traditional term for a library's clientele, "patrons," is being replaced by "customers."  The sign refers to the Noble Road Library being closed for renovation.  Click on the link for another Noble person.