Wednesday, November 10, 2010

G In On Gut


  • (For Eric) 1966. Drum on something you have never drummed on before / Drum with something you have never drummed with before.
  • 1966. Fluxversion 1. Performer drums with drum sticks or drum brushes over the surface of wet mud or thick glue until brushes or sticks get stuck and can't be lifted.
  • 1966. Fluxversion 2. Performer drums with sticks over a leaking feather pillow making the feathers escape the pillow.
  • 1966. Fluxversion 3. Performer drums over drum with 2 ends of slightly leaky water hose.
  • 1966. Fluxversion 4. Performer drums over drum with rolled newspapers until the rolls disintegrate.
  • 1966. Fluxversion 5. Performer dribbles a ping-pong ball between a hand-held racket and drum skin.
  • 1966. Fluxversion 6. Performer drums with mallets or hammers on a helmet worn by another performer.
  • 1966. Fluxversion 7. Performer drums with brushes inside a vessel filled with cream until cream is thick.
by George Brecht

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